Tips Tuesday – Creative Outlets

This weeks Tips Tuesday is brought to you by Heather Hertziger of Square One Beads

Heather says “Have more than one creative outlet.

Everyone has days where no matter what they do nothing seems to go
right. For artists who make their living from their art this can be
incredibly stressful as they watch unsellable pieces flow from their
hands. For many artists this stress can be made worse as the artist
struggles to work past the block. It is for those artists that I offer
this tip.

Have more than one creative outlet.

When you’re making a living from your art you cannot financially afford
to be blocked. If the stress of a block starts to feed on itself the
block can stretch out for days and cause even more stress creating a
self feeding loop that is not healthy either mentally or financially.

When this happens to me I find the fastest way to work thru it is to
work on something else. My most common release is working with clay,
both silver clay and polymer clay. I feel that being able to shape the
piece I am working on with my fingers is different enough from working
with glass that my block doesn’t carry over to working with the clay.

Sometimes though, the block just kills my desire to do anything jewelry
related. This is why I recently took up oil painting. I found that
having an outlet that has nothing to do with jewelry design or glass is
incredibly freeing.

Sometimes I only need a couple of hours playing with either my clay or
my oil paints to make my block disappear, and often, I find that
something I did with either of these mediums inspires my work the next
time I am at the torch. So next time you are feeling blocked give
yourself permission to walk away from the torch and play with something
else. You just might be pleasantly surprised.”



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3 Responses to “Tips Tuesday – Creative Outlets”

  1. November 14, 2007 at 3:58 am

    If the glass isn’t melting properly, I might find myself playing with fiber or paper or pixels…


  2. November 15, 2007 at 5:48 pm

    Excellent tip, Heather!

    I think my tip would be to expand our ideas of what creativity looks like. We get stuck on the established arts, like drawing, painting, sculpture and psych ourselves into believing we are not creative…


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